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19MM BM65 Corded Hot Melt Strapping 400 Meter Rollen

------------------------------------------------Product Details-------------------------------------------------

BSTSTRAP's 19MM Corded Hot Melt Strapping is specially designed for vertical cardboard balers.BSTSTRAP's 19MM BM65 Hot Melted Polyester Strapping is made of high-strength polyester material with excellent tensile properties and abrasion resistance, ensuring stability and reliability in the baling process.

19MM BM65 Corded Hot Melt StrappingHot Melted Polyester StrappingHotmelt Textile Strapping

----------------------------------------------Product Advantages---------------------------------------------

m High strength and durability

m Environmentally sustainable

m Easy to use and operate

m Wide applicability

m Safe and reliable

m Customised service

---------------------------------------------Product Specifications-------------------------------------------

Product Category


Band Width

19 mm

Meters per Roll

400 m

Rolls per Box


Rolls per Pallet


Breaking Strength +/-5%

725 kp

Core Ø

76 mm

Box Size (L x W x H mm)

520 x 255 x 145 mm

Pallet Size (W x L mm)

800 x 1100 mm

------------------------------------------------Product Applications------------------------------------------

19MM BM65 Corded Hot Melt Strapping from BSTSTRAP has a wide range of applications as a high quality baling tape. Whether it is for logistics, industrial production, commercial retailing, tent construction or temporary workstations, it provides efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly and convenient packing solutions to meet different packing needs. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the continuous advancement of technology, we believe that BSTSTRAP's Hot Melted Polyester Strapping will be more widely used and promoted.

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