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9MM BM30 Vertical Cardboard Balers Strapping 250 Meter Rollen

------------------------------------------------Product Details-------------------------------------------------

BSTSTRAP's 9MM Cardboard Balers Strapping is quick and easy to use, increasing packing efficiency and reducing costs. BSTSTRAP's 9MM Vertical Cardboard Balers Tape is the ideal baling solution for industrial production, logistics and retail.

9MM BM30 Vertical Cardboard Balers StrappingBaling Press StrappingCardboard Balers Tape

----------------------------------------------Product Advantages---------------------------------------------

m High strength and durability

m Environmentally sustainable

m Easy to use and operate

m Wide applicability

m Safe and reliable

m Customised service

---------------------------------------------Product Specifications-------------------------------------------

Product Category


Band Width

9 mm

Meters per Roll

250 m

Rolls per Box


Rolls per Pallet


Breaking Strength +/-5%

280 kp

Core Ø

60 mm

Box Size (L x W x H mm)

520 x 255 x 145 mm

Pallet Size (W x L mm)

800 x 1100 mm

------------------------------------------------Product Applications------------------------------------------

BSTSTRAP's 9MM BM30 Vertical Cardboard Balers Strapping is a high-strength, durable tape that is widely used in a variety of industries and scenarios where cardboard boxes need to be bundled and reinforced. Whether in the logistics and transport, courier, retail, manufacturing or e-commerce sectors, BSTSTRAP's Cardboard Balers Tape plays an important role in providing an efficient and convenient solution for packing and reinforcing cardboard boxes.

9MM BM30 Vertical Cardboard Balers StrappingCardboard Balers TapeBaler Press Strapping